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Chair Makeover
 Our family is oriented to recycling, up-cycling and repurposing. We love to decorate with investing none or little money in our home's decor. Having in mind that if you do it it yourself it become special and different from the rest, it make you proud and you can brag about it. 

"This chair  was found by a friend at the dumpster site of her community while taking out her garbage." 

This chair make over is possible thanks to her, for thinking of  our passion for upcycling.

"As they say One man's trash is Anothers mans treasure."
 The chairs had good condition sturdy and pretty except that they had scratches and dents showing its use. That is easily solved with little work and paint. They will become a totally different with this simple makeover treatment.

We got the chairs just in time,  we had recently build our farm table reusing the materials from the kitchen island  and we had planned to make long benches to fit the table style. We were saved by the bell for  being  up cyclers.

 Saved us time for the new contruction of the benches and the money that the new wood would cost. 

For this makeover I did not even spend a dime on paint because had acrylic  paint from a previous artwork and interior water based paint. 

Chair makeover

Materials:Sandpaper 40-60 grit, 8oz acrylic paint (your  choice of color). 8 oz antiquing medium for acrylic paint. Palette knife and a Flat brush

Started by sanding lightly the chair

With the painting knife mix two colors of your choice  try not to blend completely. Do not create a solid third color, because your want color variations to acquire a layers and layers of paint look. 

Dont worry if the paint wears of with the knife thats part of technique.

Then soften the texture with a flat brush, repeat as many times necessary to create the layers you like to blend.

Decide to use gold, to give it a hint of glitter and shine, it added a contrasting color to my white and brown chair color.

"The original paint of the chair must show,

                      to acquire the distressed technique"                                  

The last step is antiquing medium. Blend the medium with a just a few drops of the main color. This will create the final unification for all the layers. There are other methods for acquiring the distressed look with the use of different medium, but as always I just used what I have available at hand.

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