eileenaart tree of life series 2014
In  July of  2014 my creative impulse was to make a small series of polymer clay trees. All were portrayed in different styles. Some looked like a real tree and others flowed from the spirit of trees.

The most impressive amongst my clients, was  the white golden leaves and silver gray trunk Bodhi tree and the inspiration flowed from there to create more and to diversify the design.

Then in 2015  I was commissioned to create a tree of life for a wedding and there Eileen A art love locks trees were born. Since then  I had the pleasure to create for many couples this beautiful tree for their union ceremony.
Tree of life polymer clay sculpture overall size 18"x 30" inches wide approximately.Mounted on stained white wood and framed with white pine wood 

Tree of life polymer clay sculpture overall size 18" x 115" inches wide approximately. Mounted on stained white woodand framed with white pine wood  

"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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