Bohemian Cell Series

Bohemian cells ...  flowing, singing , dancing with their free spirit of happiness.

In between the string art series 
and the tree of life series which consume 
most the time of a creative week.  
I got to keep my painting skills
 and creative juices running. 
This week during a quick 
sketch session these cell like shapes 
appeared of a sudden on the sketch pad.

 Grabbed the most basic colors 
and started doodling 
with the brush on the canvas.
In a explosion of creative juices, 
color theory collided with the canvas
 and the shapes started flowing and floating .

Eileenaart bohemian cell series
 One painting lead to another,  

keeping the same theme and colors 
in a way that when the paintings 
are placed side by side they are color cohesive.  

If you look deeply into the eyes of a bohemian 

you will see their cells flowing,singing , dancing 

with their free spirit of happiness.

So I  wondered what name 

should be used for this series of paintings. 

My mind whispered :Bohemian Cells  . . .
Why Bohemian cells
Because we thrive in  a bohemian lifestyle; 
Criticized by many  for being unconventional. 
Flowing and with few permanent ties; 
Nature, music, art, literature and spirit.
This is one of my favorite pieces so far

The bohemian Cells Series 
will continue as ideas flow.
Keep up with us; 
Come back again to see more 
of the Bohemian Cell series. . .

Thanks for visiting.

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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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