Portrait of a Unknown Woman

"Portrait  of  a Unknown Woman" 
mixed media artwork . . .
 be the judge.

Using oil pastels as my primary medium, started a rough  drawing the image of a woman into a white wood panel, choosing a green background.
Oil pastels are a versatile but challenging medium  you can add layers easily but the only way to blending that gives a smooth finish is your finger.

Within a few hours of work, the first stage of the portrait was completed

Next morning I waked up early to work on the lights and the shadows

The artwork palette  for her face is mostly pinks,  pale yellows and white with light brown accents.
Three shades of green are used in the background also in her eyes. for the hair black and dark gray.

When I finished drawing the artwork; Started on the mixed media part, finishing my design with the traditional string art technique. 

Half inch nails that where hammered to the plywood using flat pliers. It took me two weeks to finish, because the small nails delayed the process.

 String art portrait by eileenaart
After all I was not completely satisfied with the result. But I have other portraits to work on and take this technique to perfection.

Be the judge of this art piece leave your comments... Thanks for stopping by.

Have fun and create!

"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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