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 sugar skull rug

Many cultures celebrate their ancestors spiritual journey, but  to me the most eye catching celebration ... the Mexican holiday day of the dead. 
In this celebration family and friends gather to honor the memory of their departed love ones.
A day to remember their  friends and family members who have died, in this tradition, altars are created in honor of the deceased; This altars are filled with their favorite foods and beverages and  decorated with marigolds, sugar skulls which represents the departed soul. Sugar skulls are placed on their graves as well as offerings .
sugar skull eileenaart

 Originals  Sugar Skulls Available

sugar skull eileenaart

Can you believe that many sugar skull bakers, make these four to six months ahead , so they have enough to sell at the day celebration. Amazing isn't it!

To honor the ancestor who have gave the inheritance  of knowledge; That I use today in my mixed media creations  of  many art and crafts. In gratitude for all that; they inspired me and in their memory painted several skull canvas art in their favorite colors.  

sugar skull painting by eileenaart

This Original canvas art Sugar skull are available in my shop see the link on the sidebar.

 Sugar skull by eileenaart

Also I have digitized my sugar skull paintings to decor your home. They turn  into pillows, clocks, tote bags t shirts  and more you can follow the link in the image  to see how nice they turned to be.

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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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