Painted Glassware

This new canvas is truly functional. . . As a visual artist find myself constantly  working with new projects, this time is painting on glassware. This new canvas is truly functional and it complements the idealistic thought of mine that art should be functional. 

This martini glassware design is based in my husband's favorite colors red, black and yellow and and the the textured spiral represents his passionate personality. 
What better inspiration; the love of my life.

"Every art piece has a story behind its creation"

Swirl of life
Various designs

Zeno a greek philosopher once said that: "The goal of life is living in agreement with nature"

Following that thought; The sky. the trees, the sea, the mountains...mother nature inspires me simple but extremely powerful creations .

Eileena's water bottle
Our blog logo

I am my best customer: this water bottle design is based on my mixed media aquarelle that is used in Eileena's Eclectic blog as the header and other promotions.

Retro Style Martini Glass
This martini glassware was featured in my experimental with photography and light.

MORE inspiration on ... party and  celebration!! 
Double Trouble

Lounge Martini Glass

Meet Jack!
Life happens ! 
While photographing this creepy martini glass, inspired in my favorite movie, guess?  it fell from my hands but nothing stop me from sharing it with you.

This are custom orders from my clients with different themes .
Custom Order-"Abstract"
Photo provided By Diana
Custom Order-
"Mujer de Caguana"
Custom order-"The Wild'
photo provided by Nicky
Customer enjoying her custom 
hand painted glassware; 
In purple, black and silver design, 
By EileenA Art on her Birthday
photo provided by Lorenzo
Custom order- 
"Burst in Flames"
Photo provided by Alejandro

Hope you have enjoyed this post  connect with me #eileenaart

"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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