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Unique Photo props shaped like cupcakes, designed to create the  illusion of a real cupcake.  Used them to enjoy hours of fun in your photo booth and  to have  merrier memories of  those who take pictures with this fun  props. 

Yesterday started working on a special project for a client;  
Photo props to use commercially inther photo booth business .

Using a previously drawn template of a cupcake, traced on
the  cardboard  and cut the shape using scissors.

Cutting double shapes cardboard to make
 a cupcake sandwich. 
The reinforced  cardboard shape will make the photo props much more durable.

A wood rod of 1/4 of a inch was hot glued in between
the two shapes of cardboard.

Ups water spill! from my plastic
 vase where I clean my brushes,
no worry the props were saved,
they were laying on top of the edge
of the table and the rods save the day,
no water  damage to the props.

The bottom is painted first,
I used  complementary colors
to achieve the look of the cupcake paper.

Applied the acrylic paint
with a palette knife to create the texture
of the frosting of the cup cake,
 is starting to take shape of a cup cake. 

Having fun in the process of creation 
is what moved me to make this fun props.

Hope you have enjoy the process of their making
them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

 The  art props were designed for  LUMI Pod Photo booth in Ft Walton beach Florida


"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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