A ten minute tutorial implementing  basic sewing techniques to create a headband using fabric leftovers.

You just need a sewing machine and a squared 1/4 of a yard fabric leftover or you can also buy the quarters cotton fabric thats available at most fabric stores labeled for quilting, they have beautiful colors and patterns. 

***Note that this 1/4 of a yard size fits girls 2 to 10 years old. For adult has to be a bit more fabric. Measure your head and calculate how much fabric you'll need***

Now That you have your selection of fabric.  measure the head and start by cutting to size your piece. I chose a blue thread as accent color. But a color similar to the fabric is always used.

Start by pinning your piece toguther so that the raw edges are placed accurately.***Have the side that you want showing on the inside of the headband (AKA the 'right side' of the fabric)***

Sew all the way and stop  one inch before closing the piece, so you can put your fingers inside of the piece and turn it to the right side of the fabric. use the reverse stitch button to secure the stitch from opening while you reverse the fabric. 

Reverse the fabric and  pin again .

Sew  the edge and decorate use zig zag or a double straight line. If your machine permits more than a simple zig ziag use your imagination to match the fabric pattern.

And your  headbands are ready to wear. Here my models are happy because I made their headbands with their favorite colors.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe Thanks for reading our  blog;
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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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