Draculaura's Birthday

Draculauras Birthday Party, Your wish has been granted! 

Hot pink and black decor with golden details for an absolutely fun day, where girls and monsters will hang out together.

Went to the dollar store and bought some supplies to up-cycle.
The birthday candle which is painted with acrylic paint in hot pink and black to match with the decor.

Created a curtain from dollar store streamers to make the decor more dramatic,  in Draculaura's theme colors.

 As cake decorator might not be the greatest but they matched well with the decor plus they were super yummy. Monsters High sugar decorations to top the cupcakes.

The cupcakes holders, draculaura's lips and fangs and the name banner decoration were made out of carton that is available for free at any the warehouse club store.

The Birthday girl was happy and the wish for having a Draculaura's party was come true, by her thinker mom, as she loves to call me.
When the party was over we moved the name banner to decorate the wall and built from that, a new decor to her side of the room.

I always focus unique  handmade style because is really important our life. This busy world  sometimes ready made products can help to complement your homemade decor.

For the birthday girl

Goodie bags

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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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