10 Ways to sleep Naturally

10 Ways to sleep Naturally, eileenas.blogspot.com
The other day while waiting at the bus stop for my daughter, I was talking to this mom that was having sleeping problems. She commented that she felt miserable and tired, because she haven't slept for four consecutive days. 

She knows that in our household we implement  practices of  home remedies when ailments occur.  She ask me if I knew some natural remedy for sleeping; I laughed and said; yes of course, sex will do! And she looked at me with big eyes not expecting my answer and laughed too.  Then quickly  responded to her question: Valerian tea! it is  a home remedy that my mother in law uses every time she can not sleep. 

This post dedicated to her and to help others lacking of a good night sleep. 

10 Ways to sleep Naturally, eileenas.blogspot.com

"Sleep disorders 


 insomnia can be caused by 

 s t r e s s,  overeating or other body  stimulant 

before going to  b e d"

10 Ways to sleep Naturally, eileenas.blogspot.com

 Just by using common sense you can avoid your lack of sleep. When the body is stressed for some reason or you have anxiety you'll absolutely will loose sleep; this are two main things of  the many that cause insomnia.  Also stimulants including caffeine; but not limited to coffee. Ohh one of america's favorites: Sugar!  not limited to candy, sweet fruit too. 

Eating too much food  before you go to bed can cause indigestion and absolutely you will lose sleep. And those who enjoy the use of alcoholic beverages before sleeping will have the probability of losing precious sleep too. 

"How much sleep is enough ?Is recomended 8 hours of sleeping depending on the person. 

10 Ways to sleep Naturally, eileenas.blogspot.com

Adults need 8 hours or more.  Children and teens need more sleep than adults 10 to 12 hours."

Lacking of exercise as a daily activity; It does not mean that you have to go exhausted to bed, but if you are all day in front of the computer or at home doing household chores or watching tv, you must exercise. Recommended daily movement for half  to an hour if possible but don't exercise within 2 hours before bed.

The inevitable hormonal changes will cause sleep deprivation too. 

Also vitamins deficiencies,  pain and  pain killers medicines  and breathing disorders (including Asthma and Sleep Apnea) can cause insomnia.

10 Ways to sleep Naturally, eileenas.blogspot.com

"L a c k  of  s l e e p can cause fatigue, mood swings, headaches, irritability, reduce sexual desires, lower your immune system and can cause long term insomnia"

10 ways to sleep naturally

10 Ways to sleep Naturally, eileenas.blogspot.comONE: No caffeine Avoid consumption of products containing caffeine such as the coffee, black tea chocolate or soda 8 hours before you go to sleep.

TWO: Don't drink alcohol beverages within 2 hours of going to bed; you make me feel drowsy but the alcohol will distract the deep sleep.

THREE: Avoid sugar: limit sugar consumption to  lunch time, avoid sweet foods even sweet fruit before bed time.  

FOUR: Eat a healthy diet. Foods like turkey, chicken tuna, whole grains, seeds are full of vitamins and nutrients that help the body to sleep better.

FIVE: Drink a glass of water every two waking hours but avoid it  before bed or you'll be up in visiting the bathroom many times at during the night.

SIX: Aroma therapy is another way of  relaxing. Essential oils like lavender,  chamomile or  ylang ylang add two drops to a warm bath or a sachet.

SEVEN: Create a bedtime ritual every night no exception. Keep your room quiet and with comfortable temperature. 
EIGHT:  Avoid phone calls, tablet or  computer use in bed or before going to bed.
10 Ways to sleep Naturally, eileenas.blogspot.com
NINE: Meditate quietly, breathing deeply and rhythmically.  For example breathe in; while counting to ten (for the first time only) exhale counting ten and keep the rhythm until you relax. 

TEN: If you can't sleep get out of bed and move to another room. Read, meditate or  do some other quiet  activity. Do not watch Tv. 

    "Lavender one of the most relaxing essential oils make sachet and placed it under your pillow and it will help you relax"

    If your don't enjoy the scent of lavender choose another scent that relaxes you, only use essential oils in it pure form and  do not apply them to skin.

    Hope you enjoyed this recipe 


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    "Imagine an it will become reality"

    "Imagine an it will become reality"

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