Up-cycled: Carry on

A carry on bag ; Upcycled and Unique for the traveling fairies...

When traveling  most people op to buy unique luggage. The colors are different and are easy to identify at the luggage carousel at the airport. But this type of luggage is expensive and not so accessible to everyone. Varying in prices from $90.00 to $350.00 and still you can find someone traveling with the same luggage and get confused. 

Who does not like to have unique stuff, I do, so most of the time I make it myself, U N I Q U E.  Luckily as an artist and up-cycler can do all that and more. 
eileenaart  upcycling

 Last year we went to our home town back in Puerto Rico to a family celebration. Since  it had been six years that I gave away  my huge luggage to the Goodwill. Went on the hunt for luggage again, but this time  a carry on and ta da!  Found a not so likely for my taste, pink  carry on luggage at a retail store for thirty dollars, Since is a very durable brand; the decision was to give it a make over up-cycling it  and make it a functional art piece!

 Got my paint my brushes and that same night started to work quickly as the days to traveling where approaching. 
Started with a layer of  my favorite color, green, as a base color  but did not like how it dried. 

eileenaart painting process      eileenaart painting process
So I kept on working it layer by layers of paint;  mixing and blending...drying and painting. Mixing and blending again; until got  inspired by these amazing beings of light, the fairies.

eileenaart painting process

This is how my carry on bag ended, full of color, a piece of functional art. My husband suggested me to sell it on Etsy but I love it too much. 

eileenaart custom painting on carry on bageileenaart custom painting on carry on bag

This are faces of the fairies stamped forever in EileenA Art carry on bag.
eileenaart custom painting on carry on bag
If anyone is interested on a carry on like this I accept custom orders.


"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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