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When I was little  girl my mother had a folk home  remedy for Bruises; She mixed salt and butter and applied to the bump to reduced the swelling and worked magically; Salt and butter taste made you automatically forget about the pain 

Another home remedy that she used  often was the sore throat gargle;one tablespoon in a cup of water plus she also added vinegar to make the heal faster. Gargle 3 times a day until your throat is back to normal, usually in two days.

In my web search for this article also found out that Epsom Salt is an entirely different stuff: magnesium sulfate. And that doctors recommend Epsom salt use to treat bruises. I kept researching about salt and learned other facts that I was not aware off.

 "Sodium is essential for proper muscular function.
 Salt helps minimize the effects of stress by maintaining proper melatonin, serotonin, and tryptamine levels in the brain.
 Salt helps the body hold water sufficiently for proper cell hydration."

T y p e s  O f  S A LT

Unrefined salt (sea salt)
 Sea salt boosts your immune system;  Since salt is taken into bone matter as part of strengthening bones, it helps prevent osteoporosis.
 Sea salt provides a buffer for blood sugar levels to help prevent diabetes or to help those who are diabetic use less insulin.
     Refined salt (table salt) which we do not use at our home because is "Chemically Cleaned." Not  so good for your body it comes from underground deposits instead of the sea; it is obtained through solution mining 

    Iodized salt.  to which is added the element Iodine, vital nutrient for body functions.

    Kosher salt is sodium chloride processed to have flat crystals. 

     My household uses for salt

    Use refined salt (table salt) diluted in a gallon of water and  mix it  with vinegar and soap and kill weeds.

    Sprinkle salt  on a dropped egg  and leave it there for few minutes then wipe it right up; less mess.

    Rub the cutting board with salt and a damp cloth, salt sanitize it and make it brighter .

    Burn salt and rubbing alcohol in a fireproof container to cleanse the house from negative energy.
    Salt is also used in our home,  to soften hard water from the well  in the water softener system. systems.

    Another fact of SALT: Did you know that there are Salt vaults that are used to store important stuff like Hollywood movies , paintings & important  documents?


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    "Imagine an it will become reality"

    "Imagine an it will become reality"

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