Organization:Living Room

Organization: Living Rooms

Living room this days, in addition to socializing we expect it to serve for watching TV, listen to music , reading, for the use of the computer or tablet. In this multitasking room, organization is of extreme importance to the room design.  

You have to plan carefully according  the use of the room, to keep the clutter at bay. Once you figure out what equipment and media  you’ll be using, the planning if its organization becomes easier.

In a living room that doubles as a library it is practical to decorate with floor to ceiling book shelves. Grouping books together by color, displaying art and decorative items as well. This can be achieved by using shelves or freestanding book cases.  

No space on the wall for a book case, no problem built your own shelves under the window.

Up-cycled bookcase
Freestanding furniture besides the traditional book shelves can be implemented for storage, like side tables and coffee tables with storage under, if your library  posses bigger books that do not fit on the shelves.

On the other hand if you like to use  a built in you’ll have a more personalized choice to accommodate you books and magazines.
Another way to store books around the living room are ottomans or truck and drawers for smaller books if you want them hidden. Combining modern and antique elements to make the d├ęcor of the room more interesting.
Custom TV Cart

When the living room is used for entertainment and media got to take in account how are you going to organize that old compact disk  collection or collectible vinyl disks that still some of us own. Thanks to technology today, the ways of enjoying music and TV watching are less space consuming with devises like Google TV and Roku.
Some of us don’t mind to have the big black screen and the DVD player on display on top of a table or rolling cart(use my image home made rolling cart using basket for organizing movies and music cds).

 But for those that love concealed storage for the TV can opt from freestanding to built in choices, having in mind that the television should sit low to eye level to suit ergonomically.

Art collection in the living room
Can be displayed on shelves or  have them divided some stored away and others on display rotating your collection once or twice a year.

Books and Games

Item to Organize

  • Books- Art- Decorative items
  • DVDs-Cd's- Games Get rid of the Cd cases put them on the recycle bin and organize them in a book for Cd's available at storage stores and retail.
  • Photographs-Magazines-Board games
  • TV and  DVD keep controls hidden on a pretty box next to the sofa or on the coffee table and that way will never get lost on the couch.

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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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