Organization: Laundry Room

Some of our laundry areas are located to high traffic areas, a hall closet, the family room or next to the kitchen  And everyone knows that the ideal location for the perfect the laundry would  be inside the  bathroom or next to it because that is where the laundry work generates. 
Most of us do not own a  perfect designed laundry room but it is possible to create a functional laundry room even if you don’t have the expansive area available.

Applying some basic storage and organizational guidelines you could achieve your well organized laundry room.
Good illumination:
Lighting is very important for you to be working comfortably  in the laundry room.


Storage for cleaning supplies

Organize essential together like soaps sprays grime busters .

To store clean folded towels and bed sheets

Cleaning supplies and hangers for drip drying items.


Dirty laundry baskets: Organize dirty laundry in different color baskets for different loads.
  • White-Whites with whites major rule otherwise you’ll get tie-dye before summer.

  • Dark-Blue Jeans and black clothes is an advantage washing them together so if there is any discoloring the jeans catch more dye an look 
  • Color- your can divide single colors or wash a like colors together.

    • Towels- this item should be washer separately from other clothes to prevent any lint created by the material.

    • Bedding sheets-this big piece items must be washed alone otherwise small items will 

    • Lingerie and delicate: could be separate lingerie in a laundry bag separated from other clothes by color or washed  along with other delicates.

    • Rugs and dirty stuff

    Small laundry baskets can store laundry aides like bottles of spray, bleach pens an other small stain removers.

    A Basket for unmatched socks could be of great use.

    Folding Space

    If you  have the space to accommodate a table to use for folding do so. Store the dirty laundry underneath.

    If not, clear the top of the dryer to have that space available for folding.

    Other tips for your laundry:

    Sewing box next to the dryer so that button are repaired on the spot.

    A clear glass for pocket change next to the machine

    Iron and iron board and clothes steamer


    Box or plastic cup for pocket change.


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      "Imagine an it will become reality"

      "Imagine an it will become reality"

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