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The kitchen is the place of top priority for organization, as it is the heart of the  in the home, should always be well planned and organized. The kitchen it is one of o the most hard working places of the home. It take the job of cooking, art projects, homework, crafts, office work, play area plus socialization place. 

No matter how beautiful we have our living room decorated to receive visitors, the kitchen is the place where every body ends chatting, there   the best conversation between friends and visitors generatedFor that matter  it should always be clean ,well organized and ready for any event.

The decorative look that you choose will affect the way you organize. For example a minimalist kitchen will have  more cup board space and everything will be is stored and organized away and no decorations or accessories will be showing out. Just because our taste in decor differs the minimalist look  does not mean we can not have a organized open shelve kitchen. 

We must take in account and analyze the way we shop for food. Is it in a daily basis? Every week ?  Maybe like in our household every three weeks. This affect directly how you can store the food you buy. 
Also you will have to analyze the storage you have available. How much can your cupboard hold.  Do you own a pantry? Can you add shelf unit to the room? Do you buy family size, economy size? Do you use lots of cleaning supplies? Do you have to fit pet food in the pantry too?
Follow these  simple guide to store you food:
 Organize your food staples by groups.

  • Baking- flour, baking soda, ready mixes.
  • Breakfast-cereal, breads coffee and tea.
  • Beverages-water, sodas, boxed juices
  • Cans-small, medium, large cans
  • Grains-rice,oats pasta
  • Oils ,Vinegar, dressings
  • Snacks, chips, dried fruit, snack bars
  • Spices
Know  you cooking habits. If  you cook from scratch every day setting the pantry will be more complex that if you or rely on pre-made food.

There are several basic storage items you must have for the kitchen, items that can help achieve organization  with less fuss.
Practical items like the lazy Susan for inside the cabinet and the expandable shelves that help  you find easily item like spices and herbs. Also consider important the flatware organizer, it is a must for the kitchen drawers.

We made two flatware organizers, custom size to fit our drawers, making the compartments bigger in size, so that gadgets like cooking , serving spoons and barbecue gadgets can be organized and are available at hand when needed for cooking.

Re-organize your kitchen twice a year;Prepare you kitchen  for the two major traffic seasons of the kitchen: Summer vacations and fall and winter festivities.

 Friend gatherings, party's, potluck , barbecues you name it; Plus those who have children will have them all summer long in the kitchen.

Create a snack bar on your countertop or a designated drawer, where everyone in the house can pick up a snack easily.

Have disposable wear if your budget permits (please take in mind that what you use is recyclable).

Have fresh seasonal fruit available for smoothies and snacks

A pitcher with water its of real importance to keep hydrated from summer heat or water bottles and ice lots of ice for this hot season

This season is all about friend and family happy gathering and bake, bake bake: pies, breads, cakes, roasted turkey , hams and more.

Take inventory of your baking wear see what need replacement.

Have your mugs ready for coffee, hot chocolate and tea.

Have your table linen clean and you formal dinner ware ready.

Don't forget the Spices and sugar for the pantry.

More cool Stuff for organization that I'll love to organize my home.

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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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