Organization: Bedroom

Bedroom Organization

Our bedroom should be the place to be relaxed and tranquil; because we spend there six to eight hours sleeping there and none could rest well if before going to bed all they see is clutter.  A pile of clothes waiting to be organized on the drawers or a half a dozen shoes under the bed.

The key to an organized bedroom lies in good looking storage even if it is cubbies or open shelves they have to be well organized. For example open shelves with color organization will looks alike a retail store where everything is organized  by a color palette, it still open storage but it looks very appealing to the eye.

The bedroom should not be a place for a TV, because it disrupts our sleep and the relaxing atmosphere that the rooms should have. But if you do have the TV in front of your bed  disguise it with a room divider or a closed unit, hide it behind doors when ready to sleep. Although your should not watch TV before going to sleep because it alters your mind state, is  recommended for  you to pick up your favorite magazine or book instead.  

Before going to sleep, every night, I  go through the pages of my favorite book of decorating (Domino book of Decorating )and it makes me fall to sleep faster. Left the organized music corner beside my bed side and the books on the night table (view of my husband musical instruments) its like a art collage.

Bed side storage:
If you need more than a night table with a pair of drawers accommodate bedside storage. 

Have basket available for any forgotten item before going to sleep, that way you can organize it quickly in the morning or whenever you have the chance.

Under bed storage: 

Use plastic rolling carts, under bed canvas chest or custom build wood  drawers.
If you have the budget buy platform bed with integrated drawers. This option works fantastically in small spaces.

The closet:    
A floor to ceiling closet is ideal to have in our bedroom.  .

Top shelf will accommodate non essentials and seasonal items protect them from dust with plastic bags or boxes. 

Middle shelf is dedicated to extra bedding and hats and or less often use handbags.

Lower shelf: use it for folded shirts and jeans 

Use a wire drawer insert in your closet to store pants shirts socks and smaller items. 

Don't forget: non clothing accessories
like cedar moth protectors, lavender bags for freshness
and humidity collectors. 

Hanged clothes:

Hang your clothes with the hanger inverted so you know what you have been wearing for the week and when you wash your clothes and hang them  the opposite way again to make it easier to not repeat the same garment again.

Place hook or over the door rack to hang items like your every day suit and jacket.

Divide your clothes by:

Arranging your clothes by color helps 
you to decide quicker combinations
 in case of a hurry 
full and half hanging space for dresses
 half hanging space shirts and skirts

Seasonal and coats should be to the back of the closet, protected by plastic garment bag 
or fits folded protect them with a plastic box.

Hang your everyday wear low; hang it there for fast and easy access. 
Occasional use clothes go in the middle of your closet. 

Storage idea for a very neat person: 
create a shelf system or use canvas organizers to divide season and non seasonal clothes. There put folded pants and shirts divide them by color so that look pleasant to the eyes. 
Drawer Organization

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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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