"Up-cycling and re-cycling They both have the same principle to reuse the material but the processing of the material is different."

Before we talk about up-cycling lets learn the difference between recycling and up-cycling. 

Recycling is the process to change material waste into a new product preventing to waste useful material and reducing consumption of raw material. For example: melting a few glass bottles to create a vase for flowers. 

 Up-cycling on the other hand is a process of converting waste material into new material or product. Example to reuse a mason jar and tuning it into a lamp. 

 Many  different things can be up-cycled from the easiest like clothes and shoes to the most difficult as cars and houses.


Up-cycling was mentioned by Reiner Pilz  for the first time by in 1994 it has flourished since then with the down of the economy;  This is form of reusing materials is mostly used by artisans and crafters but it is simple enough to be achieved by anyone.
Many of our posts are dedicated to  up-cycling.  We have different up-cycling tutorials and ideas on up-cycling, to help you make, your upcycling project easy.

shoes earrings



EARRING  skirtskirt

book case

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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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