How to Upcycle fence posts tops

After almost three years of working hard on our acre land; We had our boundary fence finally up.  When the builders were cutting the tops of the fence; before putting up the cyclone fence  and the barbed wire;  creative  up-cycling idea came into mind...

To use the tops to create a balancing game for our daughters; As an addition to their playground. Used a left over wood from our old deck (wood for may up-cycling projects hurray!!!) to be the base for the post tops. Align them how our daughter told me they will look good, then secure them with two 2-1/2 inches self driving screws on each of the logs. Made three separate games  so they can move around and form the shape how they like to play. We put them in a  leveled surface so that they wont move. They quickly went to play and are happy as they can be. Their friend love it too come to our house to enjoy hours of fun.
2"1/2 self-driving screws
Align the logs beside of the wood.

Place the wood on top of the logs
2"1/2 self-driving screws
to each of the logs.

An quickly as i was finishing
 the pieces they came to play.


"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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