5 reasons to Upcycle Clothes

There are  various reasons why you should  up-cycle your clothes.

  •  Easy.  Clothes are one of the easiest things to up-cycle. It's simple to  there are techniques that don include sewing.
  •  Favorite piece.  You'll wear something you love for again and again. That special dress can become a blouse or a skirt.
  • Saves you money.  You will have new clothes with minimum cost or maybe free, depending on how you plan to up-cycling. Buy at the thrift store or at regular retail sales oversize items that you love and that are on mind blowing sale . 
  • Be Green.  Up-cycling is a great way to reuse material and reduce your foot print. You can dye you old clothing to make look like new after up-cycling.
  • Uniqueness;  You will have a piece, design by without the hazard of  getting across someone with the same clothes. You will feel good about what you accomplished and brag about your personal touch with confidence.
Visit my Pinterest  to see some examples of up-cycled clothes and great tutorials to up-cycle clothes. Give it a try its fun and simple. Up-cycled Clothes


"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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