Samhain a Pagan tradition

   Halloween is a complex festival with many roots but all based on the festival of the dead that is also known for it pagan name Samhain;  that is pronounced sow-en that means: summers end.   

Samhain a Pagan Tradition

   This day marks the end of the light half of the     year in the Celtic calendar and the beginning of the dark half. Starting at night fall the border  between the realms may be penetrated by the ghosts fairies and other spirits and they will roam for the night in our world.

Samhain is the most propitious time for divination, magical rituals, petitions to spirits and communication with your ancestors.

Simple magical ritual for the ancestors:                                                                                            

Set the table walking backwards, so there are nine things on the table to offer your ancestors mixing their favorite food and yours, light each tea light candles,  counting those who will share the table with you and share the moment with them all this must be done in silence. HAPPY SAMHAIN!!!


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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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