Up-cycled Hawaiian Skirt

What to do with those plastic grocery bags that we have piled month by month in the kitchen cabinet. 

 It is always right to return them to the recycle bin of the store that you acquire them. 

Plastic bags have plenty of other uses  like  small garbage can bags, a instant lunch box, packing material, disposable gloves or as craft materials. 

Our purpose for the supermarket bags will be a recycled Hawaiian skirtThe skirt fits for regular fit girls from 3 to 10 year old .

This simple upcycling craft is super cheap and fun to make we'll be using common household materials:

Needle Thread 
Elastic band for garments
20 plastic grocery bags


Lay the bag flat on the table and cut the handles.

  Fold the plastic bag three to four  times depending on what is your desired thickness for the strips and cut.
Set the strips aside.

Measure the Elastic band for garments to desired length.
Sew the two ends together with an overcast stitch to prevent it from fraying.

Hold the elastic band with four fingers.
stretching it a bit.
Make a loop around the elastic with the grocery bag strip.

Repeat the process of making loops around the elastic band,until the band is completely covered.

                         Here is the instructional video:
                          HAVE FUN AND CREATE!

"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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