Brainstorm for Fun

   Brainstorm for fun

To have fun with your family you don't need a big budget, but for those lacking of ideas here is how. Sit down with all the member of your household and give each one a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down activities and its cost (if known) and then decide what it the best activity for your budget.

    Craft Night  All you need is a box of crayons or pencil, scissors and construction paper. Those who have kids yearly buy this items, taking advantage that you have them around put them to work.  Select a theme sketch with your kids in a piece of paper; then draw on the construction paper   and create bi dimensional piece, then put them all together in a collage and set them up into a special place  for the exhibit.

     If you have  budget to spare; A pair of shirts and fabric paint will make a fun project to customize them with your kids names and their ideas.

    Cook Out or In
      Anyone can have fun in the kitchen regardless the age, choose simple recipes for cooking with your family. Make homemade pizza, bake a cake, make cut out cookies, fruit kabobs with marshmallows and chocolate fudge. These are pretty simple to make and fun to eat.

      Game Night

      Many board games are found in most stores for under twenty dollars grab two for the night,   have some snacks and good music in the background, the main idea is to be entertained!

      Friend Palooza
        Invite a few friends with children's and have a potluck and ask everyone to make a dish and to bring a previously planned family oriented activity to share and decide what will be done. For  example dance competition, a talent show or simply field day games. Everyone will participate and have a blast.

        Museums  and art galleries
        Many times local museums offer free, low cost family programs and group discounts.
        Visit Art galleries during art walks and exhibitions most of the time the entrance is free.

        Local Festivals
          Area events and family fun activities that may be free of charge. Check out your city website for this activities. Every month they post those to their calendar.

          Plant a  Container Garden
          You don't have to purchase containers just use gallons of milk juice or any other container, seeds are cheap or you can get them from friends, plant, water and watch it grow. Children love to help with this kind of activity that involves water and dirt.

           Park and a Picnic

          Finally the classic  family activity to go for a picnic at the park. Remember how fun it could be to just spend the afternoon on the park underneath a tree, talking, watching the clouds, playing with a ball... you name it, relax.
          L i f e  is  S i m p l e  Enjoy!

          HAVE FUN AND CREATE!!!

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          "Imagine an it will become reality"

          "Imagine an it will become reality"

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