Thyme Tea
Thyme Tea  is a home remedy that our family had been using for more than ten years, when dealing  with a cold, allergy  or sinus problem. 

Precautions should be observed before using any herb ask a healthcare professional about drug interaction and herbs.

Thyme like or other herb should only be used for a short time period when used as a medical treatment and people who use other type of medicines should consult their doctor before using any herb. Some herbs interact with some types of medication. Also herbs have to be used with caution when pregnant or breast feeding.

While searching for other properties of the herb; found that thyme contain an oil called Thymol; that is a powerful antiseptic, that it's why  it helps with infections.

Thyme tea consumption can ease the symptoms of bronchitis, colic, bloating, sore throat. Its is high on vitamin C and contains iron manganese,cooper and fiber. Also has antioxidant properties.

Some Thyme varieties available at your local nurseries or  the web are:
Orange thyme 
Common thyme
English thyme
French thyme
Common thyme
 Wild Thyme 

"Thyme is a very special  herb to my household for its curative properties it always, help when we suffer any respiratory tract  condition as sinusitis, bronchitis or a simple allergy. It also helps ease the symptoms of asthma And soothes bloating."
Flowering wild thyme

"Herbs are beneficial for human and insect as well, we benefit from their nutritional  and curative properties and insects enjoy their  flower nectar. Specially for honey bees."

Brewing The Tea

Bring water to boil on a small casserole or  tea kettle, use a tea infuser with a teaspoon of dry thyme for an individual service or use  three to five sprigs of  fresh thyme,.

 Keep the mug covered for ten minutes until the herb releases it's natural oil; If using  the dry herb the tea will look golden brown and if  you choose to use the fresh sprigs the tea will be light green. Both ways is sweet smelling and beneficial  to your health. if you prefer to add more sweetness to the tea add another sweet herb or use honey. Brown sugar may be used as well.
Wild Thyme In our Entry Pathway

"Dry or fresh thyme tea  is  relaxing for its sweet smelling aroma and precious for its health benefits thyme is high on vitamin C so it is a good asset to help with colds"

  All thyme species are nectar sources, but wild thyme covers large areas of drought, rocky soils. Its a good ground cover for areas in a xeriscape.


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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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