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Cleaning and organization in  a home is endless. When you have family and not too much square footage, you have to find clever ways to organize and be clutter free.

When we moved to Florida, our new place wasn't so big, with a lot of clothes and shoes; Had to do magic with our storage possibilities.
eileenas.blogspot.comThe First move was to buy a futon with triple duty; storage (dividing the storage with plastic baskets to fit all the small toys), seating and sleeping. Then Added baskets to control clutter. Baskets are very functional and work for any space, they also blend very nice with any decor style. 

eileenas.blogspot.comFor accessibility and to keep our carpet floor clean for a little longer, we like to keep our shoes close to the door. Bought baskets for each one of us; It's not only functional looks pretty too. If you have an entry table with a shelf underneath put the basket there for a more decorative look. In the bedroom we have two weaved basket with lid to play as night stands that store seasonal stuff  like Halloween decor, X mas ornaments decorations ornaments store land my hand painted martini glassware  and other art and crafts creations, that is posted on Etsy for sale. 

"Some basket are so pretty and well elaborated that you can use them as wall decor"
Our closet is "the basket place", a five shelves storage rack  is filled to the top with basket to act as drawers. It hold towels shirts, underwear, socks and even hide toys when not in use and more art and crafts.
eileenas.blogspot.comMany people think that baskets are only for gift giving and laundry drop off . . . they 're functional and pretty. 

Baskets are available in different materials: wicker, hyacinth fiber, reed, sea grass, raffia, metal, paper,wire, plastic, wood, bamboo, coconut leaves etc...they work for anything: as a file cabinet, CD and DVD storage. As you can see our small house is full of baskets; in the bathroom for hand towels on top of the toilet, in the drawers to hold jewelry, at the entrance table to hold keys, on the desk to hold pencils, to store away art materials... Baskets have endless possibilities when it come to storing items. Think about what use can you give to the baskets you posses and if you need more shop around at stores and garage sales.

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"Imagine an it will become reality"

"Imagine an it will become reality"

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